To prepare yourself for the retreat we invite you to do this meditation. It is a wonderful way to ground yourself, to create inner calm and clarity and to re-establish your connection with the Earth.

Mother Earth Breathing Meditation Close your eyes and find a comfortable way to sit. Take a few deep breaths. Allow your breath to flow all the way down into your belly. Now you can become aware of the vast, relaxing and nourishing energy of the earth. Let your awareness move down, just a few meters below your body, inside the earth. Imagine how your are breathing in this peaceful energy, from that point below, into your body. When you are inhaling your body can slowly begin to fill with earthy energy. Maybe you start feeling nourished or supported by the earth. Now when you exhale you can relax even deeper into the earth. With your awareness drop down, all the way to the center of the earth. Continue inhaling the earth energy into your body. And with the out-breath continue dropping down and relaxing into the earth. Then after a few minutes slowly return. With your awareness continue to rest in your body. Notice how you are feeling and how you experience the space inside yourself. Finally, take a deep breath and open your eyes again. Allow that connection with the earth to be with you during your day.


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