Spring Detox with Smoothies and Vegetables with Zorah Leduc

Online (Zoom) or presencial 18. to 23. of april

What you get:

-Daily menu plan

-The shopping list for the cleanse

-Smoothie preparation classes

-6x Daily morning yoga & dance class

-Sharings with the other participants

(all the Zooms will be available to you in you

own time, if you can not join in at 9 & 10am)

Why Detox?

- after a long winter of eating heavy winter food and not exercising enough, our body probably has some extra kilos which we don’t need in the summer season.

- we might have accumulated some toxins in our guts and lymphatic system we want to flash out by drinking much water and the right herbal teas and vitamin- smoothies.

-In Spring respiratory disorders, allergic reactions, and digestive problems are characteristic, until we use up the extra fats we have accumulated.

What you need !

-a smoothie mixer

-zoom on any of your devises

Pm me on WhatsApp if you have more questions or sign up for your Spring Detox Now:

Price: 99€ by Bizum 0034/661 83 43 24 or request my I-ban number.

Send your e-mail adress & screenshot of the invoice to receive the shopping list.

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