will empower you to awaken your sensuality and give you more aliveness, juice and freedom. Connect to the Goddess inside of yourself and learn how to shine your Light into the World instead of holding back.

Belly Dancing is like in a love affair with yourself and your body. It is flowing in harmony with an amazingly wide range of movements and exercises which work out to be strengthening and toning your whole body. In the same time it is a healthy and fun discipline for women and man to explore their capacity move to joyfully.

In Goddess Belly dance you will:

-awaken the whole body through incredible exercises

-explore many movements to express your sensuality

-change from bad posture habits to more healthy and radiant ones

-transform your energy to enlighten your beauty

- beam with joy through the endorphin release

-learn an ancient language of dance devotion to the goddess

-a Goddess- Mantra dance choreography

In Goddess Belly dance You learn to express and your deepest longing through connecting body and heart and integrate it in every move through the dance which is your life.

Ibiza, the island of dance is the perfect place to study dance.

We offer courses of oriental dance during a weekend or a whole week. Dates are comming. Come to walk barefoot on the beach, a holiday in the sun and improve your dance.


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